If the Qur'an would not do so then they would refrain from recognizing it as the Book of God
and this is why it is suitable in his case that the commands are made easy for him, because of his weakness and feebleness When the Prophet peace be on him arrived in Madina, he was asked about this matter

تفسير قوله تعالى والله يريد أن يتوب عليكم

This caused uproar among the Jews.

فصل: إعراب الآية (37):
The Qur'anic injunctions simply infuriated them and as soon as they came to know of any Qur'anic law, they vehemently denounced it
{وَاللهُ يُرِيدُ أَنْ يَتُوبَ عَلَيْكُمْ}
Dari kebenaran atau dari jalan yang lurus kepada jalan orang-orang yang dimurkai dan jalan orang-orang yang sesat dengan mengerjakan yang diharamkan sehingga kamu seperti mereka
Surah An
They expected the Qur'an to endorse and validate all the legal deductions and all the superstitions and myths of their forefathers, and to treat them as an integral part of the law of God
Indonesia - Bahasa Indonesia : Dan Allah hendak menerima taubatmu sedang orangorang yang mengikuti hawa nafsunya bermaksud supaya kamu berpaling sejauhjauhnya dari kebenaran• Mereka ingin menjadikan kamu berpindah dari ketaatan kepada Allah kepada ketaatan kepada setan, dari kebahagiaan kepada kesengsaraan, sedangkan Allah mengajak kamu kepada hal yang bermaslahat bagi kamu, kepada hal yang membawa keberuntungan dan kebahagiaan bagi kamu They claimed that Muhammad peace be on him was bent upon reversing all their legal injunctions to the extent that he wanted to legalize whatever they held as prohibited and prohibit whatever they held as lawful
In the light of the principle embodied in the verse the Prophet peace be on him made it clear that it was unlawful to have sexual intercourse with a woman during her menstrual period; but it was only that relationship, and no other, that was unlawful Italiano - Piccardo : Allah vuole accogliere il vostro pentimento mentre coloro che seguono le passioni vogliono costringervi su una china pericolosa• Allah wishes to accept your repentance, but those who follow their lusts, wish that you believers should deviate tremendously away from the right path 28

شرح الايه الكريمة (وَاللَّهُ يُرِيدُ أَنْ يَتُوبَ عَلَيْكُمْ ﴿27﴾ النساء

Melayu - Basmeih : Dan Allah hendak membersihkan kamu dari dosa dengan menerima taubat kamu sedang orangorang yang fasik yang menurut keinginan hawa nafsu yang diharamkan oleh Allah itu hendak mendorong kamu supaya kamu menyeleweng dari kebenaran dengan penyelewengan yang besar bahayanya• These and other such reforms were so totally opposed to the customary laws of the Arabs that it was impossible for the elders and the blind devotees of the ways of their forefathers not to protest against them vehemently.

ماذا يريد أصحاب الشهوات؟
The result was that they had forbidden a great number of things which were, in fact, lawful
شرح الايه الكريمة (وَاللَّهُ يُرِيدُ أَنْ يَتُوبَ عَلَيْكُمْ ﴿27﴾ النساء
In response to this query verse 222 of Surah al-Baqarah was revealed
تفسير وَاللّهُ يُرِيدُ أَن يَتُوبَ عَلَيْكُمْ..
According to Jewish usage, a woman was considered completely unclean during her menstrual period