Senja and Abiyoga are two people who met 5 years earlier and were very much in love, but fate dealt them a cruel hand The killer later reveals that he will bring five issues to light that cause chaos in both Malaysia and Singapore — people are unequal before law, human trafficking, laundering, violence against women and children, and child labour
Breaking a cardinal rule of his people, Black inhabits the body of Malik, a deceased police officer also played by Adli and assumes his identity in order to facilitate his investigation Watch Trailer Watch Episodes Who Sells Bricks in Hong Kong Ling Wu Fei is a young man who lives in a subdivided flat that his uncle owns

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The series is adapted from the eponymous 2017 story by Ima Madaniah, which was read by over 3.

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Erika refuses to give up, tries everything she can think of to persuade Julia
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Could Ishak be next on the list, or is he the man responsible? With a second chance at life, Senja is determined to make everything right this time around - including not getting entangled with Abi
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At least this is what she tells herself
Her aunt can cast a spell, and so does she Watch Trailer Watch Episodes Warriors Within 20 years ago, Moutin Gok Qun saw his dad give a scroll to his martial arts junior, Ma Gong Ching, thinking it contains the ultimate technique of martial arts
Meanwhile, in Jakarta, for ICD Lieutenant Heriyanto Salim Ario Bayu , the case turns personal when his brother is found murdered in similar circumstances Much to his chagrin, he finds himself falling for her — another cardinal sin

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This experience makes Yeesa realize that she has the ability to repair all past mistakes through time travel.

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A star falls from the sky and the universe grants Senja's wish - transporting both Senja and Abi back to 2019, the very day they first met
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Magic-induced love can never be true