Captain Holt receives death threats and Jake is put in charge of his security, a job he enjoys and abuses as much as he can Construction on the dry dock started in 1841, and it was completed in 1851
Windows were installed on these floors in a 2017 renovation of the building , , October 2, 2017

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During the late 19th century, , a grouping of residences that formerly housed Navy Yard officers, was built around the timber sheds.

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Commodore , May 1, 1897 — January 14, 1899• Captain , June 10, 1833 — November 19, 1839• Several new buildings were built in the late 20th and early 21st centuries as part of the city-run commercial and industrial complex
A stop along NYC Ferry's Astoria route at Dock 72 was included in a NYC Ferry expansion announced in January 2019, and the NYC Ferry stop ultimately opened as scheduled on May 20, 2019
Brooklyn Navy Yard
A main building was completed in 1838, and was subsequently expanded with several wings, including two permanent wings built in 1840 that still exist
Because of its design, Dry Dock 1 never required any extensive maintenance, though part of the masonry at the front of the dry dock was refurbished in 1887—1888 In 1976, Mayor proposed building a combined incinerator and power plant at Brooklyn Navy Yard
The structure originally contained the yard headquarters as well as other spaces such as offices, storage spaces, laboratories, and a library The lease had a provision that Seatrain hire local workers whenever possible, Seatrain became one of the largest tenants at Brooklyn Navy Yard, with 2,700 employees by 1973, most of whom lived in Brooklyn

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In November of that year, community members filed a lawsuit to block the incinerator's construction.

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After the war, most of the women were terminated from their positions, and by 1946 the production workforce was composed entirely of men
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I mean that very sincerely
Brooklyn Navy Yard
Petersen, Anne September 20, 1942
Several structures were demolished, including the market and the After Goldin's report was published, CLICK's director was forced to resign
Next thing I know, he then texted me to say that he'd gotten through ALL 3 SEASONS in, like, a week which is REALLY fast for him The yard had expanded to employ thousand of skilled mechanics with men working around the clock

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Retrieved October 16, 2018 — via Brooklyn Public Library; newspapers.

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The foundation of the building is supported by caissons of concrete and steel, which descend 150 feet 46 m underground
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By the late 1860s and early 1870s, the Navy Yard was creating steel steam vessels, as they were faster and easier to maneuver compared to wooden vessels
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