We would like to relay our sincere appreciation to Imdaad for their excellent quality of maintenance staff who implemented services towards… Abdulla Shahdad — Managing Director — Hamdan Sports Complex These men in blue too suffer from repercussions and require an equal amount of attention if not more
We seldom see any of these discussions address the blue-collar workforce who, for the most part, cannot work remotely because of the nature of their work that requires them to be on-site However, for the most part hygiene cleaning was not too common, and the key driver for it was usually compliance with government and municipal guidelines or standard requirements such as HACCP

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As an integrated steel plant, our company has critical infrastructures, including temperature-sensitive control and automation systems and smart cranes.

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For Chidinma, the awareness and education that was carried out by Imdaad was very important in helping her understand the virus, how it spreads, and how to protect herself and others from it
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The group maintains more than 1000 buildings in the UAE and GCC, including entire communities, seaport free zones and other specialist projects
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CHIDINMA NWANKWO Supervisor at Imdaad Chidinma was working as a cleaning supervisor in public parks and schools during the COVID-19 outbreak
To follow the normal cleaning standards is no longer enough for cleaning service providers, nor is it sufficient to adhere to the basic safety standards and precautionary measurements that are self-initiated or mandated by the government Ever… Dubai World Trade Centre At Emirates Steel, we regard Imdaad as a partner rather than an integrated FM services provider
The Entire team of Imdaad should take great pride in this accomplishment and we wish to express our gratitude for this…

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Our cooling and air conditioning applications play an important role in the control systems.

إمداد تعلن وظائف مؤقتة للجنسين حملة كافة المؤهلات في جميع المناطق
Background and Accreditation Imdaad is an innovation-driven leader in the Integrated Facilities Management IFM and Environmental Services industry, with a client portfolio that includes some of the most prestigious developments in the region
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Many other industries and businesses saw the importance and included it on a periodic basis in their PPM schedules
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We chose Isnaad for its great reputation, flexibility, training capabilities, and excellent service standards