They all have a similar feature, and all of them had it LONG before Ynetnews was even founded
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WCTV - There were a few showers and isolated thunderstorms Wednesday evening, though the coverage and intensity decreased throughout the evening.

And how are other readers supposed to form their opinion if the article only provides praise about Ynetnews? The founding editor of Ynetnews, , left in the summer of 2005 to serve as Internet Director for in Jerusalem
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The Jerusalem Post: Breaking News, Israel News
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There is no other substitute for the best Israel news on the web Davidoff and anonymous, I once again repeat that Wikipedia is not a commercial site
There is nothing weird about it And you most definitely were making this look like a commercial in its initial version


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Please refrain from such silly claims in the future
The Jerusalem Post: Breaking News, Israel News
Not even or are bloated like this
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The way you initially wrote this article was most definitely from a commercial point of view
Ynet was launched in June 2000 in only; and in 2004 launched its online edition Ynetnews They oppose Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu such as this and support for the left-leaning labor party
Further, the 'Idiot' thing is merely to illustrate the expression used in the chareidi world when referring to Yedioth And that's what the article says, and that's the way it is

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The Jerusalem Post: Breaking News, Israel News
Again, if you don't like the fact that some people don't like Yedioth or Ynetnews, have the article deleted
Oh, and if you don't like the fact that in the chareidi world Yedioth is known as Idiot, send them an email and suggest that they write neutrally about chareidim
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That will help more than denying the existance of any criticism against them Yedioth