Assignments: If you're part of a Classroom Team, you'll be able to create, upload, and access Assignments hereā€¢ UT Austin faculty and staff must use their Office 365 austin Note For users to experience the sign on experience as described in this section, their devices must be running Teams for iOS version 2
Description - the description of the backing Microsoft 365 group If you already have the Teams app, the meeting will open there automatically

Office 365 Login

In addition, creating breakout rooms in a meeting automatically limits the number of meeting attendees to 300.

login : Team Georgia
Team: A team is a group of people gathered together to get something done
Limits and specifications for Microsoft Teams
Video: Incoming only Sharing: Fully supported Meetings are supported with full audio support
Join a meeting in Teams
If you don't have SharePoint Online enabled in your tenant, Microsoft Teams users cannot always share files in teams
Here are some of the applicable limits for sending email to a channel Search Search currently supports the string "Begins with" and searches the Team name field
The producer who attempts to join the 16th live event gets an error Microsoft Teams uses modern authentication to keep the sign-in experience simple and secure


Note Teams for Android uses single sign-on SSO to simplify the sign in experience.

Limits and specifications for Microsoft Teams
Use mentions to get someone's attention from a chat or channel conversation by typing the symbol before their name and selecting them from the menu
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To get this capability, the device must be in shared mode
Join a meeting in Teams
Teachers demonstrate completion of each module through either a reflection paper or project, depending on their