9 seconds with a twin-clutch, seven-speed automatic or 4 from the original on 7 July 2017
The cars were delivered to the workshop of the racing team for final preparation " North American models [ ] The North American models used the same S54 engine as in other countries unlike the previous generation, which used lower performance engines in the United States

BMW M Models

Production volumes [ ] Total production of the E30 M3 was 17,970 cars.

M3 Sedan Pricing & Features
During testing, however, it turned out that the ducts were not necessary
M3 Sedan Pricing & Features
The AWD cars will start arriving in the U
The BMW M3 E46
Our showcased their ability to pull off lurid drifts, which were encouraged by the optional M Drift Analyzer part of the M Drive professional package
The initial model was available in a body style, with a body style added soon after CSL: three letters that give every M3 enthusiast goose bumps
These were originally designed as an air duct for cooling the engine 7 in 1,803—1,821 mm Height 1,377—1,448 mm 54

M3 Sedan Pricing & Features

A six-speed manual is the only transmission offered.

M3 Sedan Pricing & Features
The only exterior body panels the regular 3 Series and the M3 shared were the bonnet, roof panel, sunroof and inner door panels
M3 Sedan Pricing & Features
BMW took the unusual approach of supplying the CSL with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup
2022 BMW M3 and M4 AWD Models Cost $4100 Extra
In the , the M3 won 5 races and BMW won the manufacturer's championship in the GT3 class
5 inches at the rear 81 g for the convertible
Still, the 2021 M3 Competition further highlights the sports sedan's performance potential with track-ready hardware that should terrify rivals such as the and The M3 won the GT2 category in the ILMC in China


Complimentary maintenance is covered for three years or 36,000 miles.

There is a fixed wing on the bootlid, some interior trim, and the badges on the side moulding and dash read "BMW Motorsports International"
3 Series Luxury Sports Sedans
The cars also have a numbered engraved plaque in both the glovebox and the custom leather case which holds the owner's manuals
3 Series Luxury Sports Sedans
Overall the changes resulted in a weight 91 kg 200 lb less than a regular M3