Gemiler beach is another beautiful spot However, these are just two of the beaches in the region
Beaches Many people know of the famous beach resort of Oludeniz with its stunning Blue Lagoon and Calis beach famous for its spectacular sunsets Fethiye is a beautiful harbour town on the relatively tranquil south-western coast of Turkey — often referred to as the Turquoise coast

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It takes around 30 minutes on the local Dolmus from Fethiye.

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Kidrak beach, also known as Paradise beach, a little further around the bay from Oludeniz, is a little-known beach almost unspoilt by mass tourism, a peaceful haven during the week but a little busier with locals at the weekends
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The area is full of wonderful history, beautiful beaches and hidden coves
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New York; Oxford: Oxford University Press Another fantastic site to visit is the Lycian Rock Tombs, which are carved into the cliffs overlooking the bay of Fethiye
call of undefined function" ,! When you are done exploring, you can pop into one of the restaurants for a traditional Gozleme savoury stuffed pancake , or a nice cold beer and swim in one of the pools Take the road through Kayakoy ghost village and follow the long and winding mountain road, you will no doubt stop halfway down as you will be amazed at the views looking over towards St

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The beach is quite pebbly so mind the rocks as you enter the water, but it is a sublime place to visit.

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The national drink of Raki is also a brilliant complement the fish
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A modern two-floor centre, with designer shops, shoe shops, supermarket and a food hall with a selection of fast food outlets
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A visit to Kayakoy, also known as the Ghost village, is a must
The old town of Paspatur is a lovely shopping experience, with traditional style shops lining the alleyways selling handmade rugs, Turkish ceramics, beautiful glass mosaic lamps and an abundance of other traditional Turkish goods Hisaronu is another great place for nightlife, though more tourist orientated, with an abundance of bars and nightclubs
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Daily Excursions There are so many excursions on offer, that you may be a little spoilt for choice
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The fish monger will prepare your fish ready to cook and it will be delivered to your table freshly cooked and served with salad, a plate of mixed Meze and soft fresh bread
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Ancient Sites Fethiye is awash with history and there are so many wonderful historical sights to visit and explore