Islam: I just moved here and I wanted to get to know my neighbours A conversation about a new friend
Yes you are right, but you have to find another job too! I: Yes, he is still there, but doctors were saying that he would be shifted to the ward, by the evening Because they will lend you money when you are broke

محادثة بالانجليزي بين شخصين

Has the child been admitted in the ward? H: Inshallah, he will recover very soon.

محادثه بين شخصين بالانقلش قصيره
Rami and Ahmad are two friends and they are talking about their current study situation, and how many hours do they spend studying
محادثه بالانجليزي بين شخصين عن العمل
Ahmed: But sport is not important than education
محادثة لغة انجليزية مترجمة
But I think there is something else
For more information and source, What do you do for a living• Islam: It was really a pleasure speaking with you
H: My child has tonsils, problem Not at all, I was watching TV

محادثة بين شخصين بالانجليزي في السوق 3 نماذج مترجمة

B: I do not know.

محادثه انجليزيه قصيره بين شخصين
I hope to see you again soon
محادثه بالانجليزي بين شخصين عن العمل
-Do you have a room for two people? I didn't go out yet
محادثة بين شخصين بالانجليزي عن السفر؟
John: May I have a few minutes of your time