For example, the concept of first proposed in 1934 formalizes the attempt to disprove hypotheses rather than prove them , for teaching , illustrates how to avoid confirmation bias: , in Chile, was initially skeptical that was real, but possibly an artifact of instrumentation null hypothesis , so he went outside and disproved his null hypothesis by observing SN 1987a with the naked eye
Mind, Brain, and Education Science: A Comprehensive Guide to the New Brain-Based Teaching Popper 1963 , 'The Logic of Scientific Discovery'

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15, as cited by Ronald R.

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Bernard; Whitman, Anne; Budenz, Julia
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After Popper, Kuhn and Feyerabend
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Oxford, England, UK: Oxford University Press
] The evolutionary algorithm is a technique derived from the evolution of knowledge processing applied within the context of science and technology, itself an outcome of evolution This chapter also discusses the different types of research questions and how they are produced
Sims 2003 Ethics and corporate social responsibility: why giants fall p Elizabeth Asmis 1985 Epicurus' Scientific Method

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The scientific method continues to evolve through adaptive reward, trial and error and application of the method to itself.

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"Chapter 1: A Selective Survey of Theories of Scientific Method"
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On further examination however, the scientific method bears a striking similarity to the larger process of evolution itself
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"A myth is a belief given uncritical acceptance by members of a group