Both places belonged to the Sakya territory, and are located only 24 kilometres 15 mi apart One reason was that it was more difficult to do so without causing harm to flora and animal life
, "The Hidden Story of Jesus" New Blackfriars Volume 89, Issue 1024, pages 710—714, November 2008• All this carried with itself also the negation of the authority of all the sacred texts of Brahmanism records sixty-two such schools of thought


With him, he achieved high levels of meditative consciousness called "The Sphere of Neither Perception nor Non-Perception" and was again asked to join his teacher.

ما لا تعرفه عن غوتاما بوذا .. من هو، سيرته الذاتية، إنجازاته وأقواله، معلومات عن غوتاما بوذا
1993 , The Two Traditions of Meditation In Ancient India, Motilal Banarsidass• This path taught by the Buddha is depicted in the early texts most famously in the Pali and its numerous parallel texts as a "" between sensual indulgence on one hand and mortification of the body on the other
Gautama Buddha
Anderson, Carol 1999 , Pain and Its Ending: The Four Noble Truths in the Theravada Buddhist Canon, Routledge• Skilton, Andrew 2004 , A Concise History of Buddhism• As Gethin notes: "A significant ancient variation on the formula of dependent arising, having detailed the standard sequence of conditions leading to the arising of this whole mass of suffering, thus goes on to state that: Conditioned by 1 suffering, there is 2 faith, conditioned by faith, there is 3 gladness, conditioned by gladness, there is 4 joy, conditioned by joy, there is 5 tranquillity, conditioned by tranquillity, there is 6 happiness, conditioned by happiness, there is 7 concentration, conditioned by concentration, there is 8 knowledge and vision of what truly is, conditioned by knowledge and vision of what truly is, there is 9 disenchantment, conditioned by disenchantment, there is 10 dispassion, conditioned by dispassion, there is 11 freedom, conditioned by freedom, there is 12 knowledge that the defilements are destroyed
These phenomena are supposed to provide an analysis of the cycle of dukkha as experienced by sentient beings
notes that several locations of both early Buddhism and Jainism are closely related to -worship, that several Yakshas were "converted" to Buddhism, a well-known example being , and that several Yaksha-shrines, where trees were worshipped, were converted into Buddhist holy places , Incitements to Leave Home
The early Buddhist texts contain very little information about the birth and youth of Gotama Buddha " For the Buddha, our karmic acts also affected the rebirth process in a positive or negative way


In the mid-3rd century BCE the Emperor determined that Lumbini was Gautama's birthplace and thus installed a pillar there with the inscription: ".

هل كان “بوذا” نبيا من أنبياء الله أم أسطورة غير موجودة؟
100 BCE, in relation with his illumination and the , with the inscription Bhagavato Sakamunino Bodho "The illumination of the Blessed Sakamuni"
However, the historicity of the traditional accounts of the first council is disputed by modern scholars
Gautama Buddha