Earth and Planetary Science Letters "Biggest of the big: a critical re-evaluation of the mega-sauropod Amphicoelias fragillimus"
Testing the hypothesis on neontological and paleontological evidence" Predatory Dinosaurs of the World

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Peabody Museum of Natural History, Yale University.

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"Dinosaur coprolites and the early evolution of grasses and grazers"
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44 Suppl 1 : 41—6
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"The dinosaurian origin of feathers: perspectives from dolphin Cetacea collagen fibers"
"A new carnivorous dinosaur from the Late Jurassic Solnhofen archipelago" "Therizinosauroidea", in The Dinosauria, 2nd ed
Volume 93, Number 9, 440-443, DOI: 10 Journal of the Geological Society

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"Identification of proteinaceous material in the bone of the dinosaur Iguanodon".

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; and Brett-Surman, Michael K
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"A basal archosaurian origin for birds"
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; Lingham-Soliar, T; Hinchliffe, JR 2005
National Museum of Natural History
"The evidence of endothermy in dinosaurs" "Evolution of hindlimb posture in archosaurs: limb stresses in extinct vertebrates"

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"Dinosaur with a Heart of Stone".

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"Extraterrestrial cause for the Cretaceous—Tertiary extinction"
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Footprints show maternal instinct after leaving the nest
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Early Science in Oxford: Life and Letters of Edward Lhuyd, volume 14