Good Will Ambassador, appraised and announced by the Good Will Ambassadors Club Dubai Based NGO, Affiliated to the UN , for his social contribution and development media he is promoting in his profession, Dubai, May 28, 2015 Careers [ ] In 1991, before being a TV presenter, he was the executive director of the London-based , a private Arabian TV channel
He is a founding member of the Egyptian food Bank [2001] Participated in the 28th Ordinary Session of the ASBU General Assembly and its connected meetings, Jeddah 1—13 January 2009, Saudi Arabia and moderated one of its two professional seminars entitled: Role of the Arab Media in the Coverage of Events in the Arab Region

إعادة عرض حلقة أحمد عدوية مع عمرو الليثي في «واحد من الناس»

He is the Editor-in-Chief and CEO of the weekly liberal Egyptian newspaper Elkhamis, which was issued in 1996.

عمرو الليثي
Good will ambassador for blood donation, World Health Organization, East Mediterranean, Cairo Regional Office, 2009• It is accredited by the ministry of Social solidarity and joined by a number of public figures, businessmen and celebrities
إعادة عرض حلقة أحمد عدوية مع عمرو الليثي في «واحد من الناس»
Supplying small apartments, through its connection to business contractors, to people in rural areas, in favour of a better quality of life• The program was awarded "Best viewed" three times, since it began
عمرو الليثي
As mentioned by the UNESCO officials, 'Mr Ellissy seeks to work with governmental authorities and civil society organizations to find solutions to social problems in rural areas
Till now, we can pinpoint several missions it had succeeded to carry out, including:• He is also a lecturer at the Higher Institute of Art Criticism and the International Academy of Media Science Aid in providing the costs of medical operations and health services to complicated medical cases, including children diseases, heart operations and others• Some of his interviews and investigative documentaries are uploaded on , under the title of "Egypt Journalist Amr Ellissy"
Some of its episodes were concerned with a historical documentation of important world events It is still aired weekly till the present time [2010]

عمرو الليثي : بث شعائر الحج ويوم عرفة لجميع الإذاعات والتليفزيونات

He prepared and published an investigative documentary book about the mysterious death of , the former Egyptian president secretary for information.

عمرو الليثي
' He has recently been appraised by the IFAJ, which has posted a feature article about his efforts in rural development [November 2010]
كتاب جديد للإعلامي عمرو الليثي بمعرض الكتاب‎‎
Afterwards, he started his preparation and presentation of a weekly TV program at the Egyptian State run Television called "Ekhterak" in 2001, which is a political documentary program
عمرو الليثي
He later pursued his studies in the field of media, to attain his Master of Science degree in "Interactive media Science" University of Adams Smith, USA
In 2009, he started preparing the UNESCO- awarded program "Wahed Mn Elnass" [One from the Public], and launched it in April 2009 at Dream television channel a private Egyptian channel that tackles public and rural issues, being mainly concerned with problems of marginalized and poor population, in a trial to foster media tools in raising public awareness and improving the living conditions of his society, assuring their proper voicing to the authorities He also prepared and narrated a weekly radio program at the Egyptian State Radio: Middle East Broadcasting Channel for 3 consecutive years [2006-2009]
Currently, he is a lecturer of Media Production, Radio Journalism and Journalism Ethics, at the Faculty of Media, MUST , Egypt Public Role of the NGO [Wahed men elnass] [ ] This NGO helps to figure out the needs of marginalized people, execute their dreams, bringing an acceptable quality of life for them in favour of good education, health services and infra —structure facilities

إعادة عرض حلقة أحمد عدوية مع عمرو الليثي في «واحد من الناس»

Currently, he is a councilor at the Culture and tourism committee of the Egyptian Parliament.

Amr Ellissy
It was awarded in Paris, March 2010
إعادة عرض حلقة أحمد عدوية مع عمرو الليثي في «واحد من الناس»
He also carries out fundraising and public campaigns through his television programmes
في بيتنا نجم هلييوودي إسمه محمد كريم : يقدمه عمرو الليثي
He was awarded his PHD degree, with distinction, from the Higher Institute of Criticism, in conjunction with the Faculty of Media, Cairo University, 2012