Crafford, F S 2005 [1943] Slavery in the Twentieth Century: The Evolution of a Global Problem
The EU-NATO relationship: a legal and political perspective Encyclopedia of the United Nations and International Agreements

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Language, a Right and a Resource: Approaching Linguistic Human Rights.

تعريف ومعنى عصبة الأمم
Latin America's Wars:Volume 2 The Age of the Professional Soldier, 1900—2001
لماذا فشلت “عصبة الأمم”؟.. وكيف قرر العالم استبدالها بـ “الأمم المتحدة”؟
Transnational Foundation of Peace and Future Research
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Skirbekk, Gunnar; Gilje, Nils 2001
Budapest: Central European University Press Japanese foreign policy 1869—1942:Kasumigaseki to Miyakezaka
FOTW Flags Of The World website The Marcus Garvey and Universal Negro Improvement Association Papers

لماذا فشلت “عصبة الأمم”؟.. وكيف قرر العالم استبدالها بـ “الأمم المتحدة”؟

The Collapse of British Power.

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Harlow: Longman Group UK Limited
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The Origins of the Second World War in Europe
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Exclusion from Participation in International Organisations: The Law and Practice behind Member States' Expulsion and Suspension of Membership