A sequel game to Koei Tecmo's Attack on Titan, , was announced in August 2017 and released in March 2018 This has led to accusations and theories of and apology against the series and its author, Isayama, including claims that Isayama is promoting and the theory of Jewish global domination
The Italian edition of the manga won the 2014 for Best Foreign Series It's all wonderfully acrobatic and intense"

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The new equipment "Anti-personnel Omni-directional Mobility Gear" has been added! In the first half of 2014 it topped the chart, ending 's five-year reign as the highest selling series in that period, with Isayama surprised about it and thanking the readers.

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From manga to anime and even live-action entries, it can often be hard to know
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To combat Titans, the country's military employs Vertical Maneuvering Equipment, a set of waist-mounted grappling hooks and gas-powered propulsion enabling immense mobility in three dimensions
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During their first battle, Eren learns that he has the mysterious ability to turn himself into a sentient Titan, which draws the attention of the Survey Corps, who intends to use his newfound power to reclaim Wall Maria
Loo, Egan July 1, 2019 In addition to music composed for Season 2, the soundtrack also featured any and all tracks composed for other media in-between seasons one and two, such as compilation films and OVAs
Other Attack on Titan-related manga or light novels were also adapted into anime Isayama was working a night job at an Internet cafe, when a customer suddenly grabbed him by the collar

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"進撃st20130629巨人" Shingeki Strings 20130629 Kyojin 5:25 7.

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from the original on August 25, 2013
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In a short review, noted how the characters conveniently receive "power-ups" to create plot twists, but concluded that these plot twists and the manga's post-apocalyptic world are "too good to miss"
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"I felt the fear of meeting a person I can't communicate with