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Crown Jewel Analyses: Each Crown Jewel comes with a full analysis and commentary to help you make the most of each roast and brew Think process and cultivar specific micro-milled selections, chosen specifically for your top-shelf offerings

مقاله ای جامع و کامل در مورد تاریخ خطوط (بسیار جالب و خواندنی)

Our distinctive green coffee selections in 22lb boxes.

الاستعمار البريطاني في الخليج العربي
Learn all about your Crown Jewels, from producer to green coffee metrics to roast sample to production roast profiles
مطاعم للبيع في الإمارات
تكريم كوفي عنان بإطلاق اسمه على وحيد قرن .. في كينيا

خط کوفی


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