Our technical staff will respond to emergencies at any time Managing the supply of LPG to customers and monitoring gas levels
Monitoring and maintenance of your LPG system Monitoring the LPG system and all equipment

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Routine and periodic inspection and testing.

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ProGas will ensure that the LPG tank is located in a safe location and that the necessary devices are in place to protect the tank, pipelines and appliances
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With ProGas you will receive the following service:• Gas is delivered to appliances in buildings through a centralized piping network
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Insuring installation compliance with safety, regulatory and insurance requirements
Installation At ProGas we use bulk LPG technology utilizes tanks installed outdoors
Complete design and installation of the system according to international gas codes As a result, gas pressure is constantly maintained ensuring the optimum performance of your appliances hassle-free and without interruptions• Bobtails, deliver LPG to your system at convenient intervals without disrupting the gas supply to your appliance systems

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They can be installed above ground or they can be buried underground.

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Tanks come in different sizes to suit consumption
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