Robert Johnston 24 March 2015 Tedesco, Edward; Metcalfe, Leo April 4, 2002
" "TNOs are Cool": A Survey of the Transneptunian Region IV

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"The density of mid-sized Kuiper belt object 2002 UX25 and the formation of the dwarf planets".

وش اكبر كوكب في مجرتنا
"The Size-Frequency Distribution of Dormant Jupiter Family Comets"
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Lacerda, Pedro; Jewitt, David 2006
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"E-Type Asteroid 2867 Steins as Imaged by OSIRIS on Board Rosetta"
Carry, Benoit; Snodgrass, Colin; Lacerda, Pedro; Hainaut, Olivier; Dumas, Christophe 16 July 2012 "Galileo's Encounter with 951 Gaspra: Overview"
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"The mass of Himalia from the perturbations on other satellites".

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"Physical properties of 2 Pallas"
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"Densities of Solar System Objects from their Rotational Lightcurves"
قائمة أجرام المجموعة الشمسية مرتبة حسب الحجم
43rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference