Fish are vertebrate animals that live in the water Everyone is incomplete without a family
His students include scientists like Martin Gruebele Zewail is married, and has four children Newton was a student and patient self-confident in the abilities, making mental success ally

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[4] Academic career] After completing his post doctoral work at UC-Berkeley, he was awarded a faculty appointment at the California Institute of Technology in 1976, where he has remained since 1990, he was made the first Linus Pauling Chair in Chemical Physics.

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] King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz was born in 1924 AD in Riyadh
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William Shakespeare was born in 1564 and died in 1616 is one of the greatest play writers of all the time
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What distinguishes this artist is that he has a message and tries hard to communicate it to the spectator through his artistic works
He and Henry Ford became friends after Edison encouraged Ford to use the gasoline powered engine for the automobile Mohamed Salah won several awards, including the Best Arab Player award in the 2016 Globe Soccer Award and the best emerging player in Africa in 2012, and he was chosen In the 2016 Africa Team of the Year
a discipline over which he claimed easy mastery he watches me doing many things in my life but when I have an issues he comes to help

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Mohamed ElBaradei followed him 2005 in peace.

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Age of Science autobiography Physical Biology: From Atoms to Medicine, ed
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Edison obtained 1,093 United States patents, the most issued to any individual
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The teacher is working hard to explain topics to the students
The foundations of our learning are laid by our schools With only three months of formal education he became one of the greatest inventors and industrial leaders in history
His first official post was mayor of Makkah [5] In May 2010, he received a Doctor of Humane Letters from Southwestern University

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[7] His prize was following Egyptian president Anwar Al-Sadat 1978 in Peace , Naguib Mahfouz 1988 in Literature.

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He became the King of Saudi Arabia on 1st of August 2005
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In October 2006, Zewail received the Albert Einstein World Award of Science for his pioneering development of the new field femtoscience and for his seminal contributions to the revolutionary discipline of physical biology, creating new ways for better understanding the functional behavior of biological systems by directly visualizing them in the four dimensions of space and time
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Life to his death in 2005, the international surgeon Magdy Yacoub confirmed that establishing the Magdi Yacoub Heart Center in Aswan is his true dream 25 years ago