This central mound consists of tightly packed in the centre, with a crown-like ring of surrounding this, which gives the species its name In addition to these large groups, there are two minor groups, Rissoana which is very rustic and early blooming November and Grassensis with large double flowers that bloom in the spring
Anemone coronaria grows wild all over the regions of and [ ] Distribution and habitat [ ] Eastern , from Greece, Albania, southern Turkey and Syria to Israel with sporadic extension east to northern Iraq and west along the Mediterranean shores of Italy, southern France and North Africa

شقيقة النعمان

" The kalanit earned its name because of its beauty and majesty, evoking a bride on her wedding day.

Anemone coronaria
The is dry, has an unsculpted exine, is less than 40 nm in diameter, and is usually deposited within 1
شقائق النعمان.. زهور بفوائد طبية مذهلة
75 feet , with a basal rosette of a few , the leaves with three leaflets, each leaflet deeply lobed
تنتمي المرجانيات و شقائق النعمان وقنديل البحر والهيدرا و رجل
50 feet , spreading to 15—23 cm 0
coronaria is usually grown as an in cooler climates, from tubers "Phylogeny and Reclassification of Anemone Ranunculaceae , with an Emphasis on Austral Species"
After a long exodus taking them to the Caucasus on to Crimea and later by sea to Constantinople and then Venice, the family finally settled in Paris in 1920, where young Troyat was schooled and later earned a law degree European Journal of Horticultural Science

شَقائق النُّعمانِ

Each year in Israel there is a to celebrate the blooming of the red anemones.

جذورها في التراث والأدب راسخة...شقائــــق النعمـــان الذي به يَحمرّ وجه البراري
During the , British paratroopers were nicknamed "kalaniyot" for their red berets
نوع التماثل في شقائق النعمان
The De Caen group are hybrids cultivated in the districts of and in France in the 18th century, and include 'Bicolor' red with white , 'Blue Poppy' blue , 'Mr Fokker' purple , 'Sylphide' deep pink and 'The Bride' white
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The deity is transformed into a flower, stained by the blood of Adonis