Countries should identify an agency and grant it authority to coordinate training and information sharing among human, animal, and environmental health professionals for outbreak preparedness and response National governments should commit to take action to address health security risks
4; 131 countries in the bottom tier; weaknesses among even high-income countries• By holding annual simulation exercises, countries will show commitment to a functioning system Read more on the page

رابط تقديم الأمن الصحي 1442

Countries should test their health security capacities and publish after-action reviews, at least annually.

فتح بوابة القبول والتسجيل لبرنامج «الأمن الصحي»
Governments and international organizations should develop the capabilities to address fast-moving pandemic threats
وزارة الموارد البشرية تعلن برنامج (الأمن الصحي) المنتهي بالتوظيف (للجنسين)
Leaders should prioritize the development of operational linkages between security and public health authorities for biological crises
مفهوم الأمن الصحي الدولي وتطبيقاته في العالم العربي
Lowest scoring category: for health systems, average score of 26
National health authorities should develop epidemic- and pandemic-specific preparedness and response strategies as part of routine disaster and broader national security planning efforts "Securing Indo-Pacific health security: Australia's approach to regional health security"
Managing Global Health Security: The World Health Organization and Disease Outbreak Control Read more on the page

مؤشر الأمن الصحي 2020

International leaders should examine the availability of financing to support rapid and complete outbreak response.

وزارة الصحة: فتح بوابة القبول والتسجيل لبرنامج الأمن الصحي
Decision makers should consider infectious disease risks when developing policies and plans related to climate change, land use, and urban planning
تطور مفهوم “الأمن الصحي” وأثره في الدراسات الأمنية المعاصرة
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برنامج الأمن الصحي 2021 المنتهي بالتوظيف الدفعة الثالثة للجنسين فى وزارة الصحة السعودية فى الرياض, منطقة الرياض
Health security capacity in every country should be transparent and regularly measured, and results should be published at least once every two years