Create vehicles from the movie and watch them do battle as both Resistance and First Order try to seize control Unfortunately, it's not even close to how it works in reality, but everything is possible in LEGO® universe! Find out all this and more in our 2nd ever Ninja Vlog! Stow weapons in the cabin and launch into space
The goal of the game is to make as many matches as you can before time runs out, and gain stars by collecting as many of the three types the Queen needs on each level Jay and I were exploring the island for episode 4 of our Ninja Vlog, when we saw a mysterious islander


Spend time in the library with Belle and Lumiere, then visit Tiana in the kitchen.

You can also build, draw or paint an awesome backdrop for your Friends mini-dolls and use clever illusions to send them on a wild, magical ride for kids
Can you turn a room in your house into a roller coaster ride? Use the bridge as a handle to fly the starship
Lego Ninjago
Take your time building all the authentic features that make up the iconic van
Take your time building this mighty truck then check out all its neat features and classic design details
Open the hatch to check out the detailed cabin Ready to show your stuff? Help them load the hay bales into the barn loft with some help from the winch

Lego Ninjago

With realistic pneumatic and mechanical functions, this model is the perfect way to experience the power of a classic tow truck.

And the figure on top of the dragon head? Final goal is to get all of our four heroes to safety
Lego Ninjago
Need more ideas for fun projects? But this might be the strangest yet! Block and save the Blue Toad for kids
Take four pictures of a minifigure doing the dance move and create your own GIF to share with your friends
We think in the middle, you can make out the outline of an empty jail cell Explore the main stable with its trophy and accessory rooms, and cozy attic space for relaxing
LEGO® Life Rock the Arena! LEGO® Life Medieval times WITHOUT a blacksmith?! The participants had to create a story showing the medieval times WITHOUT blacksmith?! Catch the all-new minifigure dance moves, then try to do them yourself Buy tongue-tingling acid pops from Mrs

Lego Ninjago


Lego Ninjago
Work with Donald to harvest the vegetables with the wheelbarrow for kids
Jump into the cockpit and launch a bounty-hunting mission for kids
LEGO® Life Check out this winner video! Remember to hashtag your post buildlikeamaster so we can see it