Love is safe and confident feeling with some one where you can be your nature with him A woman like a lamp that treated her gently will light your life, and if you treat her harshly, she will electrify your life
The heart that knew the meaning of love knew the meaning of life Love is tender and happy with this tender

عبارات حب وعشق رومانسية عبارات غرام للزوج والحبيب

I hope I can make you the happiest man in this world.

أجمل عبارات الحب
The problem in love is that the right man can find the right woman
عبارات حب مزخرفه للواتس
I want to wear your love,I want to enter into your vast space I do not want to enter into your golden cage
عبارات في حب البحرين , روعة البحرين وجمالها
I did not fall in love but I walked at him steadily, I am not in love but I stand in love, and I want you with my full consciousness
Love is the primitive feeling that exists in life without logic If you find true love, know that you have found life

رسائل حب قصيرة جدا 2021 تذوب القلب والعقل

There is no good in a life that a person can live without a heart, and there is no good in a heart that beats with no love.

عبارات حب وعشق رومانسية عبارات غرام للزوج والحبيب
Love is the only truth in life
عبارات حب باللغة الانجليزية
Love and vanity can not meet in the same heart
عبارات قصيرة عن الحب
Always remember that you were born to love