The problems of finding your inner essence and accepting yourself as a different woman Although I really liked some passages and I loved the author's way of writing : According to the title I had pretty much great expectations about the book but I was some how dissapointed! I've definitely had some of the questions she had but unlike her, I don't think I'm going to settle for what society wants just to please a bunch of people who will not give a damn about my happiness, and that will probably see my ideas as extreme or weird
Quite frankly we all deal w that kind of pressure I still don't get why she is making such a big deal out of it The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content eg

ليتني امرأة

She was too much of a dreamer who didn't have anything to do with reality that she honestly thought she could find the man of her dreams and actually make it to her door step! It's an amazing book dealing with the problem of the stereotyping of the women image in the oriental society.

ليتني امرأة عادية by هنوف الجاسر
ليتني امرأة عادية by هنوف الجاسر
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The problems of finding your inner essence and accepting yourself as a different woman
what i mostly like about this book is that it is a piece of our daily life
u r just as normal as any other girl, actually a mis I'm usually not a igb fan of Arabic books, for the fact that they all speak pessimist, I wanted to take the risk and read this book, but unfortunately, it was just another peace of work where the character was the figure of sadness with such a hopeless life, I don't denial the fact that we all live sadness, but it is just not the way we must deal with, the character was a paradox, n I can't find any thing SPECIAL abt her as the title claims I was wating to find a tale of an extraordinary women, ambitious and strong but all i found was a default women which has a lot of similarities with every women who, all that she want from this life is to find her prince charming, fall in love with and get married! it focuses on Saudi society

رواية ليتني امرأة عادية pdf


رواية ليتني امرأة عادية pdf
it tells the struggle that Women face in arabic societies, the conflits they have to overcome everyday during their whole lives
ليتني امرأة عادية رواية ل هنوف الجاسر
I remember that I couldn't after almost a year , I'm still waiting for people to publish the second part of it pdf cause i can't find it anywhere
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