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is the judicial capital of South Africa, while is its legislative seat, and is the country's administrative seat.

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شمال أفريقيا
Cruciani, Fulvio; Trombetta, Beniamino; Massaia, Andrea; Destro-Bisol, Giovanni; Sellitto, Daniele; Scozzari, Rosaria 2011-06-10
كأس شمال أفريقيا
The Punic Wars 264—146 BC, by Nigel Bagnall• According to UN country classification here: The disputed territory of formerly Spanish Sahara is mostly administered by Morocco; the Polisario Front claims the territory in militating for the establishment of an independent republic, and exercises limited control over rump border territories
UN: Department of Economic and Social Affairs
The Spanish of is surrounded on land by Morocco in Northern Africa; population and area figures are for 2001 The Portuguese are often considered part of Northern Africa due to their relative proximity to Morocco; population and area figures are for 2001

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The New York Times Company.

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American Journal of Human Genetics
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Shavit, Jacob; Shavit, Yaacov 2001
المناطق/شمال إفريقيا
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