This was considered negligible by the IPoE On 21 July 2020, Ethiopian prime minister, , announced that the first filling of the dam has been completed
The spillway will be 84 m 276 ft wide at the outflow gates An advisor to the Sudanese leader spoke of a "that would be more horrible than one could imagine"

مسؤول إثيوبي: سد النهضة بشرى سارة لمصر والسودان

Depending on the initial storage in the Aswan High Dam and this filling schedule of the GERD, flows into Egypt could be temporarily reduced, which may affect the income of two million farmers during the period of filling the reservoir.

السودان يرحب باستجابة مجلس الأمن لطلبه بشأن سد النهضة
In Ethiopia itself, no irrigation schemes are planned due to the proximity of the dam to the downstream border with Sudan
السودان يخزن 1.6 مليار متر من المياه بسبب «سد النهضة»
The of the planned hydropower plant — the expected electricity production divided by the potential production if the power plant was utilized permanently at full capacity — was only 32
سد النهضة
Due to the large size of the GERD reservoir, the siltation and sedimentation volume is expected to be much higher in this case, 0
The volume of the reservoir will be two to three times that of Studies indicate that the primary factors which will govern the impacts during the reservoir filling phase include the initial reservoir elevation of the , the rainfall that occurs during the filling period and the negotiated arrangement between the three countries
In February 2020, Mnuchin said in a statement: "We appreciate the readiness of the government of Egypt to sign the agreement and its initialing of the agreement to evidence its commitment," adding "consistent with the principles set out in the DOP, and in particular the principles of not causing significant harm to downstream countries, final testing and filling should not take place without an agreement Filling it takes 5—15 years and even by using all generating units at maximum capacity will not drain it within a few months

السودان يخزن 1.6 مليار متر من المياه بسبب «سد النهضة»

It was argued by the panel, that the original structural investigations considered only a generic rock mass without taking special conditions like faults and sliding planes in the rock basement into account.

سد النهضة
; Mersha, Azeb; Abdo, Gamal M
خبير جيولوجي: سد النهضة صنف دوليا ضمن المشاريع الأكثر خطورة واحتمالات انهياره واردة
Powerplants that have been readied or are under construction in Ethiopia, such as or , whose exports if given surplus energy will mainly be going to through a 500 kV HVDC line
إثيوبيا تتحدث عن موقف قطر من قضية سد النهضة
Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan established an International Panel of Experts to review and assess the study reports of the dam
Specifically, the GERD would reduce seasonal flooding of the plains surrounding the reservoir of the Roseires Dam located at , just as the , by retaining a reservoir in the deep gorges of the northern Ethiopian Highlands, had reduced flooding at Sudan's The reservoir may become a
The campaign is intensive and wide-reaching; in March 2014, for the first time, only , , , and were invited by Egypt to participate in the Not only the electrical power parameters changed over time, but also the storage parameters

خبير جيولوجي: سد النهضة صنف دوليا ضمن المشاريع الأكثر خطورة واحتمالات انهياره واردة

First stage filling of the reservoir for early generation was complete on 20 July 2020.

سد النهضة
It was slated for completion in July 2017
السودان يخزن 1.6 مليار متر من المياه بسبب «سد النهضة»
Water from the 140 m 460 ft column of the water storage of the GERD reservoir could be diverted through tunnels to facilitate new irrigation schemes in Sudan close to the border with
سد النهضة
For the just downstream from the GERD site, the average siltation and sedimentation volume without GERD in place amounts to around 0