Helen Hunt is magic as an actress and their on screen couple chemistry makes the characters believable One word about the quality
There's no talent in acting or writing imo anymore, not to mention those commercials make most shows unwatchable Fourth, actually filmed in NY, unlike that 'other' series - you know the one

How The Mad About You Revival Ended The Series (& Could It Return?)

She starts taking something to help with her symptoms, but the problem is that while she gets her sex drive back, it's a really small window before she falls asleep.

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I could outline everything HE did to make it work, but that would take all the fun out of it for you
Watch Mad About You, Season 5
And of course we now have swear words on the show
Mad About You: 5 Good Things The Revival Does (5 Reasons It's Unnecessary)
Just note that you will have to be extra careful lifting up the disc's out of the cardboard cases and putting them in a dvd book case that should prevent any scratches
There's very little exposure to the wife's family to explain why she was so messed up Let's hope the show continues in 2021
They're not pretending to be perfect or doing anything for show My only complaint and regret is that it takes so very long for the seasons to come out! When you shell out money for tv episodes, you do expect to get the WHOLE episodes, but that's not what we get here

Mad About You (TV Series 1992–2019)

The premiere segues into difficult goodbyes and even more difficult reintroductions.

Mad About You (TV Series 1992–2019)
I believe the rest of the season 2-5 are all on 4 disc packages
Mad About You (TV Series 1992–2019)
Let's just say that it ended the way it began
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After years as a stay-at-home mom, Jamie battles menopause while taking shaky steps toward rejoining the workforce
Paul always had great one-liners, like "Why would a mango need body wash? I don't know why that is, but please, put a rush on the next seasons because this is such a great show and should be available for purchase to the many people who I'm sure want to watch I must have watched almost all of them, some multiple times, once the show went into syndication later in the decade
The minor characters have at best dull storylines and at worst super awkward ones Season 5 is where it started getting good again

How The Mad About You Revival Ended The Series (& Could It Return?)

I hope the complete 7 seasons will be released.

How The Mad About You Revival Ended The Series (& Could It Return?)
Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser would often talk about it in interviews, and there were always rumblings
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I love the cameos made by many great actors
Mad About You (2019) Review: An Unnecessary Comeback
REGARDING THE SHOW: This IS one of the best shows I believe ever written! Like the couples in those movies, what distinguishes the Buchmans is how good they are as a couple—how adorably they banter over tiny observations, how sweet they sound speaking in their own invented slang