"Wa Heyamah" is sung by The original name of the music video "Wa Heyamah" is "MAJID AL MOHANDIS
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كلمات وآهيامه


الممثل أحمد زاهر يتلقى تهديدات بالقتل بعد نشر مسلسل البرنس
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و هيامه كلمات ماجد المهندس
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Wa Heyamah by "Wa Heyamah" is Iraqi song released on 12 January 2021 in the official channel of the record label - "Rotana"
"Wa Heyamah" Facts "Wa Heyamah" has reached 23
The song appeared 45 total times in the Top 10 ; 57 total times in the Top 20 ; 154 total times in the Top 100 ; The worst charting place of the entry is 100 How many times the Iraqi song appeared in music charts compiled by Popnable? "Wa Heyamah" atop the Top 100 Songs Chart for 2 total days

Wa Heyamah by Majid Al Mohandis from Iraq


كلمات اغنية واهيامه ماجد المهندس
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كلمات اغنية وآهيامه
"Wa Heyamah " is well-known music video that took placements in popular top charts, such as Top 100 Iraq Music Chart , Top 40 Iraqi Songs Chart, and more
كلمات وآهيامه
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