These authors and poets have used the material of the Seferberlik in various contexts Also, Hanna Mina in Fragments of Memory tells the childhood memories of his father: What are they supposed to do during this famine? In the same context, the term Seferberlik was used to refer to the event of the war itself
Seferberlik in Arabic literature, filmography, and historiography [ ] This section needs additional citations for In addition to the literature, authors of cities or villages popular history during the early 20th century mentioned the Seferberlik in regards to the war, and it was depicted as an essential event in the history of this period

جريمة الاتراك في حق اهل المدينة سفر برلك

The produced the war film in the 1960s.

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سفر برلك... قرن على في المدينة المنورة
The diary of a Palestinian Ottoman soldier, Ihsan Turjman, during WWI clearly describes the scarcity of foodstuffs and the overpricing sugar, rice and grains
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Beirut: Beirut: Argon Verlag Wurzburg Bilad al-Sham from the 18th to the 20th Century p

جريمة الاتراك في حق اهل المدينة سفر برلك

He inherited his vocal talents from his mother and started singing at the age of six.

ايقونة الاستقلال الرحباني
The Syrian drama series Brothers in Soil , directed by in the 1990s, shows soldiers being separated from their families and loved ones because of the Seferberlik
ما هو السفر برلك ( نفير عام 1914 )
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