You are admonishing the son
For example: Allah says: So Allah having a son is an impossibility, let alone a doubtful matter So the fact that they do transgress, although true, is being brought to the level of impossibility

ما هي ادوات الشرط

Clearly chances are that the earth is still going to be spinning tomorrow.

ما هي أدوات الشرط الجازمة
All of this is designed to exaggerate the level of work, by associating it with another impossible phenomenon
ما هي أدوات الشرط الجازمة
There is nothing more for him to say
أداة شرط
You can see this by rearranging our example into a more fundamental form
The idea here is to show that given all the signs Allah has shown them, it is pretty impossible to remain transgressing In more formal terminology you can call the condition the protasis, and you can call the consequence the apodosis
So not only has Allah having a son been restricted to the realm of the hypothetical, but the listener has been rendered completely speechless because we have covered all scenarios, possible and impossible So the Quraysh were people who transgressed, therefore this is an occasion of certainty, not doubt

ادوات الشرط

You know she is available but you pretend there is doubt, for whatever motive.

Conditionals in Arabic (أدوات الشرط)
So at this point it is pretty impossible for you to remain transgressors
In the next lesson we will look at the second anomaly
ما هي أدوات الشرط الجازمة
What we look at is if it actually came to pass or not
He is implying that the work is so impossibly strenuous, that it makes outrageous things, like the earth stopping from spinning, seem completely possible Now, in balagha we are going to look at it from a different point of view
Now this is interesting, and it is hard to understand without an example Conditionals are primarily associated to predicates

أدوات الشرط الجازمة

So here we have just mentioned 3 popular anomalies.

بحث عن أسلوب الشرط في اللغة العربية : تعريف ، إعراب ، أمثلة واضحة
Thus, ridiculing them for doing it
تعرف على أدوات الشرط الجازمة وإعرابها فى 5 نقاط
And what rhetorical benefits it yields
ما هي ادوات الشرط الجازمة في اللغة العربية والقرآن الكريم
Notice that the conditional is simply a qualifier that we have added to the predicate