This is the motto of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport VWS Together with health insurers, health care providers and patient organisations, the Ministry of VWS ensures that there are sufficient facilities and that people have sufficient choices
People who have problems with their health should be able to call on their general practitioner, the hospital or other forms of health care on time The 'sports mission' of the Ministry of VWS is to make it possible for everyone to play sports

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The ambition of the Ministry of VWS is to keep everyone healthy as long as possible and to restore the sick to health as quickly as possible.

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They are insured for this care and therefore have a right to health care
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Welfare The Netherlands too has groups of residents that profit less from our welfare state
Sport Sport promotes health, provides social contacts and contributes to self-development In addition, the Ministry focuses on and funds top-level sports, so that the Netherlands can perform well at international tournaments
The ministry also seeks to support people with a physical or mental limitation and promote social participation Public health The Ministry of VWS encourages people to adopt healthy life styles: to exercise more, to refrain from smoking, to use alcohol moderately, to practise safe sex and to eat healthily

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They are not economically independent or do not take an active part in society.

The Netherlands healthy and well
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Volunteer work and youth care are important parts of the social policy
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In collaboration with ministries that are focused on the economy, education, housing and the environment, the Ministry of VWS strengthens the social infrastructure

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Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport
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Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport