In the middle of this white band is a cedar of Lebanon, emblematic tree of Lebanon, symbol of longevity and resistance : The Near East School of Theology, Beirut• Its capital is Beirut, located in the center of the west coast of the country
: American University of Beirut• The most beautiful Lebanese monuments There are many landmarks in Lebanon that reflect the beauty of this land, and its ability to be at the top of the list of the most beautiful countries not only in the Arab region, but perhaps in the whole world as well The most prominent of these reserves are: Al-Shouf Cedar Reserve, Palm Islands Reserve, Harsh Ehden Reserve, Afqa Natural Reserve, and many other areas

تخصص علوم السمع والنطق

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تعبير عن لبنان بالانجليزي
: Lebanese Canadian University LCU• China has no official religion
قائمة محافظات لبنان
To this relative ethnic diversity is added religious diversity, more important and more serious consequences
جامعات لبنان
Bienkowski, Piotr; Millard, Alan Ralph 2000
The most important monuments are the Great Wall of China, Victoria Harbor, Potala Palace and the Forbidden City One of these features is the magnificent cave known as the Jeita Grotto, which contains many cavities, as well as many exotic and beautiful forms at the same time
Handbook to Life in Ancient Mesopotamia , the World Factbook 2006


The Lebanese flag is composed of three horizontal stripes: two red bands that frame a white band in the middle.

تخصص علوم السمع والنطق
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جامعات لبنان
: Lebanese International University LIU• The official currency is the Lebanese Pound LBP and its value is anchored to that of the US dollar at a rate of 1 dollar for 1507 LBP
الارقام بالانجليزي من 1 الى 1000
: Manar University of Tripoli MUT• : Arab Open University AOU•
: Islamic University of Lebanon• : Beirut Arab University BAU• However, the numbers increase significantly, prompting the Government to Plan for the implementation of this law for 2020 at least Gil, Moshe; Ethel Broido 1997
Also the beautiful resorts are among the most prominent of the Lebanese landmarks, and it includes many slopes which provide a suitable place for those wishing to ski United States Institute of Peace March 2006

اسماء الدول العربيه باللغة الانجليزية

However, there are about 60 million Muslims.

قائمة موانئ لبنان
The country is bordered on the West by the Mediterranean, on the Nort h and on the East by Syria, on the South by Israel, a State which it does not recognize and with which it is officially at war
تعبير عن لبنان بالانجليزي
The white band covers half the surface of the flag and symbolizes both the snow covering the summit of the Lebanese mountains and peace and purity
موضوع عن الصين باللغة الانجليزية
Some, very long to prepare, do not appear on the menu of restaurants, but can be enjoyed with family