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7 - Study on the effectiveness of the virtual laboratory in the development of innovative thinking and constant readiness for continuous learning 05 Between the median scores of the experimental group studied waves unit using the virtual laboratory And grades of students in the controlling group studied The unit itself in the usual way In the post-application of the curiosity scale for the experimental group

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10 - gave the learner the opportunity to experiment in a similar atmosphere similar to the real laboratory, which led to a positive increase learner and enthusiasm and self-confidence, and became responsible for learning.

3 - Analysis of the "Waves unit" determined in the physics curriculum for the second grade secondary AL azhar to determine the physical concepts contained therein
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Researcher: Mohammed Abdou Mohammed Helal
Current Re search Results: 1 - The use of the virtual laboratory in teaching provides the opportunity to learn individually to the learner, which generates in him enthusiasm and recognition of the unknown, and develops his scientific curiosity 2 - There was a statistically significant difference at 0
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6 - Benefit from the experiences of countries that have applied this technology successfully, by attracting some programs and translate them, and then applying them at in schools
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Question s of the R search: 1 - What is the effect of using the virtual lab in the teaching of physics on the development of physical concepts in among second grade secondary AL Azhar students? canvasSetTransform h ,e h ,h m33 ;return new W Math

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Virtualization in teaching science in general and physics in particular in secondary school.

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2 —As ample of Abdul Jawad Mousa Institute Preparatory Secondary, Of the Department Central For the region Sohag Azhar
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5 - Preparation of research tools: namely: - Testing physical concepts - Scientific curiosity scale