Journal of Asian Earth Sciences Philosophical Transaction of the Royal Society of London
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology JAMSTEC

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Shayler, David; Vis, Bert 2005.

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"Group 29: Multi-axes symmetric, both soft and straight-lined, closed signs with crossing lines"
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Times Books, Henry Holt and Company
تعريف نائب الفاعل
"Ce que sera la fin du monde"
"Uprooting the tree of life" New York: Cambridge University Press
"Heterogeneous Hadean hafnium: evidence of continental crust at 4 "A short timescale for terrestrial planet formation from Hf-W chronometry of meteorites"

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Symbols -- Encyclopedia of Western Signs and Ideograms.

العثور على علامات براكين تحت سطح البحر على قمر المشتري
Mill Valley, CA: University Science Books
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International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service IERS
بـ عدسة معمارى
Washington, DC: American Geophysical Union
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science Late Proterozoic low-latitude global glaciation: the Snowball Earth
03 Ga orthogneisses from northwestern Canada"

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Australian Journal of Earth Sciences.

هل تعلم أنّ الأرض لديها نبض؟ هذا ما كشفته دراسة جديدة
Online Astronomy eText Table of Contents
"Chimborazo and the old kilogram"
هل تعلم أنّ الأرض لديها نبض؟ هذا ما كشفته دراسة جديدة
Symbols — Encyclopedia of Western Signs and Ideograms