And after I lost the hope in finding a paperback copy for the second book in the mpl library, once upon a time I found one in the shelves, and this made me super happy! A great man like Al-Messiri gave his life literally to the science, he didn't hide an effort and he gave the humanity and Egypt all his product of his culture And after a long search and dismantling the books I thought about reading them during the study time, I had chosen only two books, the first one is called: " Al Mutanabi" for Abu Fehr Mahmoud Mohammed Shaker, and the second one is " my intellectual journey" for Dr
And one of the advantages also that it made my love for the Academic studies with its positive meaning increase, before reading this biography I imagined myself a girl who lost her mind but it's a " holy madness" as this man discribe it Al-Messiri, I'd read before two books from his scientific specialty, one about demolition the legend of the protocols and Zionist conspiracy and other one is about a study and an analysis for the phenomenon of the Zionist violence

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He shows us his thoughts during his life with a constructive criticism to the political and philosophical issues in the middle-east.

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The book is huge and there're so many chapters and unfortunately I returned the book, but I remember the book was divided into two sections, the first one clears the intellectual environment in his childhood and the reasons of the maturity of his mind
I say his scientific specialty not forgotten that he's the professor of the romantic English literature, but his real specialty is mixing the literature with the sociology in analyzing the Zionist phenomenon
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But the real crisis that I can't arrange my thoughts about what I'd read, who am I to talk about this non-subjective nonobjective biography?
But it's a biography about the writer's intellectual journey, and there's so many lessons which the writer put it to make a clarification an idea or to prove some theoretical points His intellectual journey will make the reader learn how to read and think and how to look in the deepest points
And a chapter of his illness, the second section about his intellectual life and his refusal for the information model in the Hegelianism path ,we search for the truth not information God gave me a bless in my time and my efforts and I had read " Al-Mutanabi" and I wrote a review about it, that I got a great benefits from this book because we the Arabic literature students take our scientific origins from the writings of this writer and it's enough for me to be proud that I'd read a book puts me on the right way of the heritage investigation

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This biography is non-subjective non-objective , doesn't talk about boring personal details nor situations show us the greatness of the writer and his family and his thoughts like some do! This holy madness catches only who appreciates being a Muslim thinker tries to understand and fix.

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This is not my first experience with Dr
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