The suites set the tone for luxurious living space with upscale marble bathrooms, complimentary private parking, lavish hotel breakfast, elegant sofas, and workstations along with special amenities to ensure that all guests enjoy the hotel and its facilities to the fullest The two hotels provide quality services with international standards and adopt the highest safety and preventive measures
The hotel features distinguished leisure amenities as well as a comprehensive range of facilities for pilgrims, Umrah performers, all visitors to the blessed holy sites and business travellers

فندق ميلينيوم مكة النسيم Millennium Makkah Al Naseem

Mosaic restaurant serving international cuisines to complement the warm Arabian hospitality offered by a multi-lingual team of experienced professionals.

تقرير عن فندق ميلينيوم مكة النسيم
The two hotels are perfectly located at Makkah Al Mukarramah within walking distance from Aisha Al-Rajhi Mosque
تلال النسيم بمكة المكرمة
starting from October 1st International hospitality standards with high preventive measures Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia September 27, 2020 — With the gradual return of many commercial activities in Makkah Al Mukarramah, Millennium and Copthorne Makkah Al Naseem hotels have completed all reopening preparations and will start receiving Makkah visitors on 1 st October
ميلينيوم وكوبثورن مكة النسيم يعينان مديرًا عامًا جديدًا
Millennium Makkah Al Naseem also features a full range of contemporary amenities including Lotus restaurant, Lobby Lounge, meeting rooms, on-site parking and a fully equipped business centre providing high-speed wireless internet access, courier services, and a wealth of on-site business amenities
In addition to that, the hotel is also home to ten meeting and conference rooms that can accommodate a total of 300 guests featuring the latest audio, video and presentation technologies, while the hotel great ballrooms are perfectly designed to host special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries or other events with separate venues for males and females Copthorne Makkah Al Naseem includes 486 rooms and suites with spectacular views of Aisha Al Rajhi Mosque and the surrounding areas
Close to the holy sites of Arafat, Mina, and Mozdalifa, it provides a convenient location for those on pilgrimages and business trips We want every guest to feel safe and comfortable at our properties

ميلينيوم وكوبثورن مكة النسيم يعقدان شراكةً مع مؤسسة “سابتكو” لتيسير المواصلات على الضيوف


تلال النسيم بمكة المكرمة
ميلينيوم وكوبثورن مكة النسيم يستقبلان الضيوف ابتداء من أول أكتوبر · Dubai Iconic Lady
ميلينيوم وكوبثورن مكة النسيم يكرمان قامات إعلامية وشخصيات عامة كويتية

Millennium Makkah Al Naseem. مكة المكرمة, السعودية


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ميلينيوم وكوبثورن مكة النسيم يستقبلان ضيوفهما مرة أخرى.
ميلينيوم وكوبثورن مكة النسيم يستقبلان الضيوف ابتداء من أول أكتوبر · Dubai Iconic Lady