It is possible to construct grammatically valid and meaningful sentences which lack one or more of the three Tamil is characterised by its use of more than one type of : like many of the other languages of India, it contains a series of
1966 , "Some features of Ceylon Tamil", Indo-Iranian Journal, 9 2 : 113, :• United Nations, accessed 28 Jan 2021 1995 , , A Grammar of Spoken Tamil, pp

Sri Lankan Newspapers in Sinhala, Tamil, and English

, The News Minute, 8 October 2016 , retrieved 6 August 2017• 2005 , Linguistic archaeology of South Asia, Routledge,• McMahon, Suzanne, , University of California, Berkeley , retrieved 23 April 2008• These styles shade into each other, forming a stylistic continuum.

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Among Indian languages, Tamil has the most ancient non-Sanskritic Indian literature
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Tamil is the of the state of , and an of the two sovereign nations, and
The Tamil Lexicon of defines the word "Tamil" as "sweetness" Of these, the last two are mostly applied in poetry
Raman, B Languages and nations: the Dravidian proof in colonial Madras


All consonants have an inherent vowel a, as with other.

Sri Lankan Newspapers in Sinhala, Tamil, and English
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Tamil inscriptions on a pillar at in , Tamil Nadu, also called as "Thanjai Periya Koil", means Big "Temple of Tanjore"
List of All Tamil News Papers
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