Method: 1- Combine all the ingredients to the meat and mix them very well Ingredients: 1- One kilo of lamb minced meat
9- One tsp of the spices: cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, all spice However, you can just buy minced meat from the butcher to prepare the Arayes sandwiches

طريقة عمل عرايس باللحم لعشاء مميز

In addition, you can prepare it during the day, wrap them and leave them in the fridge ready for cooking.

عرايس باللحمة
3- Grill them for few minutes till they are cooked
طريقة عمل العرايس باللحمة
4- Medium onion, finely chopped
عرايس باللحمة
5- Serve with salad, French fries and Hummos
Arayes originally came from either Syria or Lebanon but then spread to Jordan, Palestine and other countries in the recent years
I prefer to mince the meat myself, you can easily buy the cut you like and mince it with some fat; this recipe needs fat! 3- Two tomatoes, finely chopped In my recipe, and even in the original recipe, I use lamb meat as it has more fat than beef

طريقة عمل عرايس اللحمة بالخبز

5- 2 crushed garlic cloves.

عرايس باللحمة
If you used large pita bread you can divide them into four pieces
عرايس باللحمة
This recipe was requested by a lot of friends and colleagues so I decided to share it on the blog for everyone
طريقة عمل العرايس باللحمة
2- Open the pita bread and stuff it with a thin layer the mixture