3- Aware Because it does not represent the organization to which it belongs Only, it is a representative of the nation, its values and principles Personal Positive : Personal Positivity is the generous, proactive personality That supports and contributes without waiting for anything, and it is A balanced personality, balanced between rights Duties and possess seriousness, and objectivity And perseverance
And for this It is expected of a volunteer :• To commit Complete controls, regulations and policies Approved by the organization Non Disclosure of information about the beneficiaries of the work Volunteer

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Appreciation Treat everyone with respect and dignity.

رابط موقع منصة ميم التعليمية meem
• To abstain For giving any undertaking or commitment on behalf of Organization without reference to officials and take Official permission to do so
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• that Be supportive of the beneficiaries around him And other volunteers, especially at the scene In which he performs his volunteer work
افضل منصات تعليمية للمعلمين في مصر والسعودية
From During their commitment to the following items :• Be part of the Kingdom's vision 2030 and join the ranks of the million volunteers
• that Communicate with others with quality and effectiveness Reliability And take responsibility : that The volunteer is trustworthy, and distinguished Responsible for his actions and his words, add To being : 1- Tolerate Responsibility for carrying out the work assigned to him
that Be supportive of all efforts aimed at Enhancing efficiency, effectiveness and achievement of excellence In managing the organization in the field of volunteer work that The volunteer is keen to present and direct the work Of the highest quality possible

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And from For this, the volunteer must :• To commit With the agreements and partnerships that it makes the organization.

منصة عين المبدع التعليمية؛ الدورات المتاحة في المنصة وطريقة التسجيل
Submit the support : Look Each individual organization volunteers on it An important part of the support process in all forms Possible for a successful volunteer work
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that Keen on proper outward appearance in all Times and occasions
• To One Million Volunteers Voluntary work is a feature of vital societies, for its role in activating the energies of society, and enriching the nation with the achievements of its children and their arms
Non Use of the organization's resources for purposes and benefits Personalized, in any way equality in dealing : Must That the equality of treatment be reflected in the performance The volunteer is on a clear and impartial basis far from All kinds of prejudice and racism
• Purpose Of The Guide : Aim to This charter is to clarify the controls Commitments, values and principles that It contributes to achieving the goals of the Kingdom's vision 2030 to reach To one million volunteers Locate Requirements pertaining to For volunteers And their duties, and their rights are preserved during Doing voluntary work • that Adherence to the ethical code facilitates It helps all parties involved in the work Volunteer to perform their duties with quality and efficiency High

ما هي الخدمات التي تقدمها منصة ميم

that Benefit from volunteer work to raise experience Practical and professional.

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• Value And ethics : Must be That successful business is linked with an ethical reference Derived from our true religion and the values of our society Saudi, and from the vision of the Kingdom 2030 Including Reflects on the volunteer's behavior and leads him to Achieving the purpose of voluntary participation
دروب تعلن فتح باب التسجيل بالمرحلة الخامسة من برنامج اللغة الإنجليزية
افضل منصات تعليمية للمعلمين في مصر والسعودية
that It seeks to identify social patterns And the behavioral behavior of the beneficiaries of volunteer work, With the aim of improving his dealings with them and understanding them properly Best