The best way to approach conflicts in this area is to frame your own desire for organization as just that—something you desire INFJs prefer a depth of information while INTPs prefer a breadth of information
INFJs also enjoy listening to music, watching movies and television, and engaging with people Typologically, this involves finding ways to successfully integrate the functional stack

Compatibility of ESFP with INFJ in Relationships

Hence, when it comes to decision-making, INFJs are wise to listen primarily to their own inner voice.

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When we empathize, we just do it naturally
شخصية المحامي أو المستشار (INFJ)
INTPs, on the other hand, love to think and analyze
INTP vs INFJ: Difference Between the 2 Personality Types
They differ in this respect from INFPs, who are less disposed to melodrama in their verbiage
Not only can the S world seem quite strange and foreign to them, but if they are not careful, it can overwhelm them To be sure you're hearing out your friend, give them plenty of time to think through their ideas before sharing
The MBTI itself relies on two key factors that combine in different ways to give us the 16 different types Unlike INFPs, whose Feeling function is introverted Fi , INFJs are less equipped to manage their emotions independently

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Perfectionistic — The Advocate personality type is all but defined by idealism.

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Assuming they have not been severely censored in their upbringing, INFJs are generally happy to share their feelings and perspectives
I have done the test a few times over the past few years and still I am an INFJ
Compatibility of INFJ with INFP in Relationships
Both emotional and logical: When making decisions, INFJs place a greater emphasis on their emotions than objective facts