Ecological Applications 11 4 : 1027-1045 Almost every Alpine village has such a water source
Land cover change and water vapour flows: learning from Australia Each tiny cube such as the one representing biological water corresponds to approximately 1000 cubic km of water, with a mass of approximately 1 trillion tonnes 200000 times that of the or 5 times that of , arguably the heaviest man-made object

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Ecologically sustainable water management: managing river flows for ecological integrity.

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Larry West - Water Now More Valuable Than Oil? , Ruth Mathews, David L
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They are used as a drinking water source for people and cattle
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Ecological Applications 13 1 : 206-224 Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather
152 2007 Jun-Jul : 274—80 Water in a changing world

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National Center for Biotechnology Information.

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"Salinity adaptation and gene profiling analysis in the European eel Anguilla anguilla using microarray technology"
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The entire block comprises 1 million tiny cubes
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من مصادر المياه العذبه
ما هو أكبر مصادر المياه العذبة على الأرض؟