Windows  A family of operating systems developed and produced by Microsoft Corp It is a circuit board attached to the motherboard that contains the memory and other circuitry necessary to send information to the monitor for display on screen
Kanna Velusamy, , Page 2 Touchpad  A pressure-sensitive and motion sensitive device used in place of a mouse

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The mouse is used to control the on- screen pointer by pointing and clicking, double-clicking, or dragging objects on the screen.

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DOS  Disk Operating System This software connects the hardware with the programs you want to run
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Hard Disk  Magnetic storage device in the computer
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Network Card  A circuit board that connects the computer to the rest of the network usually using special cables
Tank 2011 , , india: COLLEGE OF BASIC SCIENCE AND HUMINITIES , Page 1-4 Modem  The place where the computer is connected to the phone line
It gives information to the user in printed form It stores data or programs while they are being used and requires power

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Software  Programs that tell the computer what to do.

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Cambridge International AS and A Level 2015 , , Cambridge: Cambridge International Examinations , Page 3
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MS-DOS: Microsoft DOS Disk Operating System is a command line user interface
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Jerome Casey 2015 , , Dublin : Dublin Institute of Technology, Page 11-12