The way he narrates this book is also great, I liked how he doesn't show off the fact that h The thing about reading a book about talking and communication when you're an introvert and hate social interactions, is that you know that you have to read it, but you just don't want to Be honest with yourself about talents and limitations
Tips from getting information from famous people: If what you need from someone is simple information, talk to that person's assistant first One of the best sections was about business meetings

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Openness, enthusiasm, and a willingness to listen will make you a popular conversationalist in any medium.

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As a result, "How-tos" are not presented in a very clear chronological way but rather a-la Aesop's fables
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I found the book very useful, and the advice it offered was practical and straight forward, although my first thought was that reading a book on how to talk to people is kind of pathetic, but that was an oversimplification
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If you already feel good at talking, you can do it better
One tip is to ask questions using "what do you think? I gave a three-star rating because the book is dated; the content and quality are great Some find talking to others uncomfortable, difficult, or intimidating
I would say it's more how to communicate efficiently in different situations If communication is your livelihood, you owe it to yourself to read the complete book

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There's no real system or organization to his method - - or any method at all.

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At no point of this book did I feel bored or that he was repeating himself, and for a book about talking and the art of conversing, this is the perfect testimony to its success
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All that based mostly on Larry's personal stories, experiences, interactions and observations of other successful talkers he hosted in his talkshows
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It's much better to have a reputation as someone who talks only when it counts than to be known as someone who has to put in his two cents' worth on every subject