Take on more and larger orders as cash is not tied-up overseas• Leasing contract is structured to match the operational life in the case of coaches and the income generating vehicles and the seasonal operation Medium to long-term periods that meet the useful life of the leased asset• Acting as the investment arm and the Islamic financing window for Cairo Amman Bank in the area of financial leasing, providing this service to current and prospective clients, from individuals to companies and corporations, across all the economic sectors
Provides innovative financing options and solutions• New and existing projects financing Possibility to exchange the leased car with another car according to prior arrangements

تأجير تمويلي للسيارات في الأردن : شركة المتكاملة : الشركة المتكاملة


Taageer Finance
Possibility to transfer the contract to the buyer, and saving ownership transfer fees
تأجير تمويلي للسيارات في الأردن : شركة المتكاملة : الشركة المتكاملة
Financing housing real estate which includes Flats, Villas and Semi-Villas
جود لاك
Taking advantage of taxation benefits Real Estate Financial Leasing Real estate Financial Leasing Sector includes:• Financing trucks and construction equipment Trailers, half trailers, plus water and petrol tankers
Possibility of financing licensing, comprehensive insurance and maintenance fees Reliance on the leased asset as main collateral• We will soon include Operating Leases to our services, which are more suited to clients seeking shorter-term asset commitments
, Tamallak offers financial leasing for equipment and machinery related to construction processes, such as electro-mechanical equipment through the creation of long-term commercial relationships with the real estate development companies, construction companies and the providers of the equipment No mortgage expenses or any fees on the authentication of the contract with the respective authorities

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High flexibility in the procedure and policies.

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There are no fees for the authentication of contracts
التأجير التمويلي للسيارات
The assets have title deeds and a good secondary market, which means they constitute actual collateral for lease, without the need to for real estate mortgaging
اهلا بكم في شركة تمكين للتأجير التمويلي
LEASING EFG Hermes Corp-Solutions specializes in providing businesses of all sizes with financial leasing, offering long-term, expert advisory services that deploys your capital to where it will have the largest impact on your business plans