The Kingdom is leading worldwide in fifth generation technology Saudi Arabia has ranked first worldwide in internet speed of fifth-generation technology The "electronic litigation" platform ensures business continuity during the pandemic The launch of the "electronic litigation" platform has witnessed a significant number of cases through the service that has reached 207 thousand, in addition to the number of sessions held remotely to reach 588 thousand judicial sessions
6M m3 per day, and the other for the largest desalinated water production plant in the world 5 trillion riyals The PIF has succeeded in achieving remarkable growth in the value of assets under management since the launch of the program in 2017, from 0

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The Kingdom topped the global production of desalination Saudi has obtained two Guinness World Records certificates; the first for the largest desalinated water production facility in the world, with a production volume of 5
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The growth of assets of Public Investment Fund to an approximate 1
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84 tn Saudi riyals to nearly double by the end of 2020 with a value of approximately SAR1
The Kingdom leads the G20 in digital competitiveness The kingdom has achieved first place in digital competitiveness at a G20 level during the past three years, in addition, Saudi Arabia has achieved a ranking of 9 in the digital capabilities index, according to "The Competitiveness Report" from the World Economic Forum



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